National Open Water Swimming Championships

The Results


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Thank you to all the participants!

The event saw 60 competitors from 4 different swim teams - The Marlins Swim Club, The Wadadli Aquatic Racers, AAC Storm and the Dolphins Swim Club - participate in both the one and two mile events at Fort James Beach. It had both male and female swimmers ranging in age from 8 to 45 plus.

The top overall swimmers for each race are as follows:
- Omar John 25mins (male, 1mile)
- Aliah Maginley 27mins (female, 1mile)
- Noah Mascoll-Gomes 49mins (male, 2mile)
- Margarita Fernandez 106mins (female, 2mile)

Along with their medals and championship trophies, the overall winners each received a BLU Dash phone all sponsored by LIME. In addition, ALL competitors also received a $10 topup from LIME along with a commemorative event t-shirt.

The organizers wish to thank The key sponsors for the event which were as follows:
- LIME (title sponsor)
- Oasis Water
- National Olympic Committee
- Yacht Club of Antigua
- Antigua Barbuda Cycling Association
- Captains Nash and Archie
- Antigua Barbuda Canoe Association




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26th National Open Water Swimming Championships


SUNDAY, 18 November, 2012
Fort James Beach
St. John’s, Antigua

The Antigua and Barbuda Swimming Federations invites you to come and experience the National Open Water Swim Championships and swim with Antigua’s finest swimmers. This even is to be held at Fort James Beach, St. John’s Antigua on Sunday, 18 November, 2012.

Age Groups: Individual Events 8-9 yrs, 10-yrs-12yrs ; 13yrs-14yrs ; 15yrs-17yrs ; 18yrs-24yrs ; 25yrs-34yrs ; 35yrs-44yrs ; 45yrs and over

Host: Antigua and Barbuda Swim Federation (ABSF)

Date: Sunday, 18 November 2012

Venue: 800 m linear course demarked by 2 large turn buoys in the Bay of Fort James Beach. The course is marked by buoys and mooring lines. Spectators can view the length of the course walking along the seaside bay.

Distances: 1 mile; and 2 miles (measured by GPS)

Eligibility: Swimmers need not be affiliated with a club or swimming federation. The swimmer’s medical history, physical condition and training must be commensurate with the rigors of open water swimming competition.

Format: Timed Final. The 1 and 2 mile events will be swum simultaneously. Swimmers will not be permitted to use or wear any device which may be an aid to their speed, endurance or buoyancy. Specifically, snorkels, fins and wetsuits are not allowed. Goggles, a maximum of two (2) caps, nose clip and earplugs may be used.

Entries: Download the 1-mile registration form (PDF). Download the 2-mile registration form (PDF). Registration forms can also be requested by sending a message to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by calling (268) 725-4525 | (268) 783-6163.

Entry Fee: ECD$50.00

Entry Deadline: Friday, 16 November, 2012

Check-In: Swimmers should check in at least one hour prior to the start of their event for number marking and pre-event briefing. Participants who do not attend the pre-event briefing will not be allowed to swim.

Numbering & Caps: Swimmers will be assigned a participant number which event officials will mark on the swimmer’s back, arm and hand at check-in. Each distance will have a designated cap color. Swimmers will receive the colored cap(s) at check-in. The appropriate colored cap must wear be worn at all times during the swim.

Warm Up: There will be a designated warm up area.

Start: All events will start on the sand.

Finish: All events will finish on the sand. Event time limits will be enforced by event Official.

Awards: The Awards Ceremony will be held on the beach and will begin 30 minutes after the completion of the last event. Medals will be given to the top 3 finishers (male and female) in each age category for each event. Trophies will be presented to the swimmers (male and female) posting the overall fastest finish time for each distance.

Briefings: There will be a Pre-Race briefing 15 minutes prior to the start of each event.

Officials: Each club participating is required to provide 2 officials for each session of the meet. These names should be submitted along with entries to allow a schedule of officials to be made.


  1. This event will be conducted over distances of 1mile and 2 miles at the Fort James Beach on NOVEMBER 18, 2012 commencing at 1:30pm. The events will be swum simultaneously.
  2. Competitors are required to be present 30 minutes before the start of the race.
  3. All Swimmers are required to be in good physical fitness for the competition.
  4. Swimmers will enter the water from the beach area. One mile swimmers will swim one circuit of the beach for a total distance of 1mile and complete the race by crossing a finish line in the water. Two-mile swimmers must swim two circuits of the beach then finish the race by crossing the finish line.
  5. For the safety of the competitors, no coach boats will be allowed. If warning is ignored, the officials may order the swimmers to leave the water.
  6. At the starting and finishing points of the race, the use of the swimming caps provided by the organizers is obligatory. The use of goggles, earplugs and substances to protect the skin will be permitted.
  7. Any swimmer using flippers or an object which allows him to float will be disqualified. The same penalty will apply to any illicit means used to obstruct a competitor or to any swimmer accompanied by another person swimming beside him to urge him on.
  8. Any coach, guide or person responsible for the swimmer who fails to comply with the regulations in any way will be suspended or banded from participation in the race. This may also result in the disqualification of the swimmer.
  9. Buoys will be placed at intermittent levels along the course. On arrival at the finish, there will be 2 buoys placed with lane going for the final touch.
  10. The signal to start the race will be given simultaneously for all swimmers. The swimmers will assume their start positions as decided upon by the Meet Officials.
  11. When he/she arrives at the finish, the swimmer should submit the number given to him/her at the starting point. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.
  12. The swimmers age on December 31, 2011 determines the age group in which he/she is eligible to swim. Swimmers will compete in the following age groups: 8-9 yrs, 10-yrs-12yrs ; 13yrs-14yrs ; 15yrs-17yrs ; 18yrs-24yrs ; 25yrs-34yrs ; 35yrs-44yrs ; 45yrs-plus.
  13. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be given for 1st to 3rd place by age group and sex. Trophies to 1st male and female overall.
  14. Any cases omitted in these rules will be judged by the organizers of the competition and will be as binding as the present rules.

Contact: Event Coordinator, Carl Joseph (783-6163)